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Maximizing Instructional Time and Resources for Emergent Bilingual Students

Calling all administrators – we've got your back!

Are you afraid of losing your bilingual or ESL teachers? 

Read  more about how to support your bilingual/ESL teachers here.

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About Us

At Bilingual Education Empowerment Partners, we're all about doubling the fun and maximizing learning for our emergent bilingual superstars!



Check Out our Social Solutions for 3rd-5th Grades

Ready to dive into a world where Spanish and English collide in the most exciting ways? Our Social Solutions for 3rd-5th graders are like a treasure trove of cultural delights! Picture this: culturally relevant articles served up in both Spanish and English, written by none other than Latino authors. It's like a linguistic potpurrí!


And guess what? You can snag these goodies for FREE! Download our articles highlighting the incredible contributions of Latinos in the U.S. Think culture, politics, history – we've got it all covered. Your students will be buzzing with excitement as they delve into the stories and events that shaped the fabric of America.

But wait, there's more! Our week-long Lesson Plans, crafted by expert dual-language wizards, blend the magic of Reading Comprehension with Social Studies wizardry. We're talking about engaging activities, bilingual pairs, cross-linguistic connections – lo mejor de lo mejor! And hey, we've got special rates for bundles, groups, and schools too. Talk about a sweet deal!

Our curriculum supplements are like a fusion of the best of both worlds, designed to hone those language skills in Spanish and English. We're here to arm your students with the tools they need to unleash their full potential – porque sí, se puede!

Where do you find all this awesomeness?

Swing by our online BEE SHOP, your one-stop destination for resources that pack a punch. And hey, why not grab some bilingual swag while you're at it? Show off those multilingual superpowers in style!

But wait, there's more! Say goodbye to endless searches for free resources. Subscribe to for less than $5 a month and unlock a treasure trove of Spanish learning goodness. From reading to math to science – we've got you covered, maestra! School-based licenses? Yep, we've got those too.

So what are you waiting for? Join the bilingual revolution with Bilingual Education Empowerment Partners. Because when it comes to learning, two languages are definitely better than one!

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Our Mission

BEE Partners develops instructional and professional resources for Bilingual Education, including Dual Language instruction, to help teachers develop their craft and ensure academic success for emergent bilingual students.

Our Vision

We work to create a world in which multilingualism is pursued, valued and celebrated, creating better understanding among all world citizens.

Our  Values

We value the cultural diversity, linguistic assets, social and academic strengths as well as the unique contributions of bilingual and multilingual world citizens.

Why Choose Us

Our materials and resources are authentically written in the Spanish and culturally responsive to the needs of students
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Our resources align with current pedagogy, research and standards.
We design culturally inclusive, relevant and responsive curricular resources devoid of stereotypes.
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