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Maximizing Instructional Time and Resources for Emergent Bilingual Students

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About Us

At Bilingual Education Empowerment Partners, we recognize the importance of providing students with bilingual resources and tools that multitask and maximize learning. 


Check Out Social Solutions for 3rd-5th Grades

Reading Comprehension and Social Studies content combined with powerful methodology for emergent bilinguals, including suggestions  for bilingual pairs, cross linguistic connections, SEL, ELPS, and project based learning.

Our curriculum supplements draw from the best of both cultures and focuses on developing the student’s skills in both languages. We provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Where to Find our "Stuff"

Visit our online BEE SHOP, to find resources designed specifically to maximize instructional time and address Spanish reading standards through social studies and other content areas.


You can find bilingual swag there too, to show off your multilingual superpowers!

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Our B.E.E. PD Partners site, makes it easy for you to develop your craft and keep abreast of new developments in technology and teaching from the comfort of home. Learn from top teachers, coaches, specialists and other experts who are out there doing the work in the trenches. Enroll in a class today!

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Our Mission

BEE Partners develops instructional and professional resources for Bilingual Education, including Dual Language instruction, to help teachers develop their craft and ensure academic success for emergent bilingual students.

Our Vision

We work to create a world in which multilingualism is pursued, valued and celebrated, creating better understanding among all world citizens.

Our  Values

We value the cultural diversity, linguistic assets, social and academic strengths as well as the unique contributions of bilingual and multilingual world citizens.

Why Choose Us

Our materials and resources are authentically written in the Spanish and culturally responsive to the needs of students
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Our resources align with current pedagogy, research and standards.
We design culturally inclusive, relevant and responsive curricular resources devoid of stereotypes.
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